Ruler of my room and all within it (hairsute) wrote,
Ruler of my room and all within it

Anyone See Gangs of New York?

If you did, remember that scene where Daniel Day-Lewis heats a butcher knife and brands DeCaprio on the face with it? And how it gives him this wicked-looking triangular scar across his cheek, and so everyone knows not to screw with him?

Yeah, mine doesn't look like that.

It turns out that I don't know how to exfoliate, and that when rubbing the wet washcloth under my eyes started to hurt, I should not, in fact, have tried to "work through" the pain, but rather have listened to my body, which was screaming, "Stop, you fool!"

Oh, and I certainly shouldn't have made things worse by then going outside without sunscreen (two days of summer a year, I just have to outside and get a tan. I mean, burned). That definitely didn't help.

So now I have a temp assignment at a bank on Thursday. The temp agency tells me to dress up, look expensive, that's how I'll get a higher salary. Fair enough. I just don't know what to do about the fact that I look like I stapled a piece of roadkill to my cheek. Band-aid, maybe?

Oh well. Maybe it will look better by then. It sort of looks better today (actually it looks worse, but it hurts less and I can feel the skin starting to scab).
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