Ruler of my room and all within it (hairsute) wrote,
Ruler of my room and all within it

Dear Facebook and the "iRead" application...

This is the third time you've sent me an email badgering me about whether I've finished "The English Patient." First of all, no, I have not. I thought I would like it because Michael Ondaatje's memoir "Running in the Family" was pretty cool, but it turned out it went on forever with no end in sight- making me quite confused, I must say, by all the buzz that's surrounded it for the past decade. I wound up renting the movie instead just to get to the ending- which, by the way, was also pretty crappy (though the torture scene of Willem Defoe was pretty cool).

So not only have I NOT finished the book, I never will. The book has been returned to the library and will never be re-opened.

Second, the phrasing of your automatic email really irks me:

Are you still working on it? We wanted to send you a reminder, just in case you finished reading the book but forgot to mark it on iRead.

Why do you care? Get out of my face. Stop hassling me. You're turning my pleasure reading into homework. Do you have any idea how many books I have open that I'm "somewhere" in the middle of? Now because of you being an obnoxious bastard of a program, I'm going to have to not record any new book ventures unless I am already close to or have already finished them. So thanks so much, MOM. You've officially killed reading. Hope you're happy.
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