Ruler of my room and all within it (hairsute) wrote,
Ruler of my room and all within it


Subbing today, then interviewing with the internship/credential program. A group interview- me and 5 schmucks, plus the interviewers. It sounds like it might be pretty low key or just a formality, but I can't take that chance. Therfore, I will be sharpening my mental knives while at school today.

Hmm... Knives in school. That might be something to keep to myself.

In other news, the GF and I are going to host a seder. I have already written 13 pages- about 9 of which are a smart-ass retelling of the Exodus. The remainder consist of things like, "The Six Depressing Symbols on the Seder Plate" and "The 'Four' Questions and their Misleading Answers."

This should be fun.
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